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Personalized Astrology Reports 

Natal (Birth Chart) Reports
Forecast & Integrative Reports

Personalized Astrology Reports


Personalized Astrology Reports are Customized Astrology Report readings for Individuals and Couples.   Depending on the type of report offered you can find out as much detail about a particular topic in your own life, an overview or summary of a topic, enjoy daily astrology calendar guidance or even have a comparison of two people and how they might relate to one another. The hardest part is figuring out which ones to read first!


Below you will find a large selection of personalized* astrological report readings available to help you understand yourself and others. These reports have been written by expert astrologers,  many who have specialized in specific areas or fields of astrology. These professionals have created reports that are beautifully written, with concise interpretations and explanations making the language of Astrology (a.k.a. Astro-jargon) very easy to understand!   

Detailed Readings & Interpretations By Category

This page shows you all the options available by category. You can Hover Over each Report Box and click on View More  under each report name to open it and see all the details of the report, the information it provides, the approximate number of pages, and sample reports pulled in celebrity names.


Remember to check this page often or bookmark us,
as we are  always adding more astro report options for you to enjoy!
Please Read Before Ordering
          Astrology Reports

Make sure that you select the report(s) that you want to purchase before you proceed. Please check AND double-check birth information and report details on Intake Forms before submitting  payment. We are not responsible for entry errors made by customers. All sales are final and not refundable past cancellation policy period. (See Terms & Conditions on Intake/Order Form.)  

Since these specialized reports are based on Your individual birth chart, they are NOT available for immediate downloadYour report(s) will be prepared by an astrologer, and emailed directly to you with a brief description of the PDF  files attached. If you order multiple reports, you may receive more than one email depending on attachment sizes allowed per email.

Your Astrology Report(s) will be arriving by email within 48-72 hours of receiving your payment.

Reports are processed after receipt of payment during office hours and in between client appointments.  We say 48-72 hours as some days are busier than others and we may be on the road! In most cases you should receive your report earlier than later.  Typically, within 48 hours if ordered on a weekday and within 72 hours if ordered late on a Friday afternoon or weekend.

              Optional Language Reports

Some reports offer interpretations in other languages. If you choose to have a report in a language other than English, please select the correct language on the Intake form for each report. 

           "Birth Time Unknown" Reports
If the birth time is not from a birth certificate or birth record or known to be accurate within about 10 or 15 minutes, then we recommend ordering the "Birth Time Unknown" style of the report. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Therefore, a "Birth Time Unknown" report is a little shorter than a "Birth Time Known" Report.

Also Note, some reports are not available in a "Birth Time Unknown" version because they require a birth time. Those are listed in each report description.

Natal Reports:          All About You and your Unique self!  (1) person

Forecast Reports:    These include Yearly, Transits, Returns, Stations, 

                                  Progressions, Stations & Retrogrades  (1) person

Calendar Reports:    Personalized Calendars Showing All Aspects 

                                   & Optional Interpretations   (1) person


Synastry (Compatibility) Reports:   Compatibility (2) people,                                                                                Composite: (2) people & Transits

Whether you are totally new, familiar or a seasoned astrologer, these reports are very informative and will have you learning something new! 

These Reports make excellent gift ideas for Holidays, Birthday's Anniversaries, and for anyone seeking insight on their deeper purpose, career guidance, options for travel and moving, opportunity & challenge period awareness. The list goes on!  





*Personalized Astrology Report Readings require accurate birth information including Date, Time & Location. More on this on on the next page and in some report descriptions.





Whether you order one (1) or all of them; a few things to note:


Your Astrology Report(s) will be arriving by email

within 48-72 hours of receiving your payment.

You can Order Your Astrology Reports right from our Secure main scheduler and Select the Astrology Report Option. From there Choose which report(s) you'd like to order.

All 1 Person Reports can be ordered together and only require one (1)  Intake Form per person.  All  two (2) person Reports can be ordered together and only require 1 Intake Form for each set of "couples".  One (1) and two (2) person ordering cannot be mixed for Intake Form and accuracy purposes and to ensure   privacy for whom the Final report are sent to via email.   


The Scheduler will ask you to pick a Time & Date for your "Appointment". This Appointment becomes your "Order Date/Time" for processing reports internally and the to give us the "within 48-72 hours" to process, prepare and email/send the Final reports.


*You do not have to be present or available for the "Appointment Date" a.k.a. "Order Date/Time" for these Astrology Reports; it just a placeholder for keeping our Calendar & Orders from being Overbooked  &/or  Overlooked!  

Once you hit Submit/Pay, you will receive a confirmation email with that same "Appointment Date" a.k.a. "Order Date/Time" for these Astrology Reports; and a receipt for your payment. There will be links to access your order, and to reach us should you have any questions .  

Astonomical Clock

Natal Report

The Indra Report


Natal Report

The Vertex Report


Forecasting & Natal Report

The Jupiter Report


Natal Report

The Fixed Stars Report


Natal Report

The Cosmo Natal Report


Natal Report

Vocational Guidance Report


Natal Report

The 4 Major Asteroids & Chiron Report


Natal Report

Eclipse Aspect Points Report


Natal Report

Harmonic Hightlights Report


Natal Report

Hidden Messages Report


Natal Report

The Asteroids Report


Natal Report

Major Life Themes Natal Report


Natal Report

The Naughty Natal Report


Natal Report

Asteroid Listings Report



The Birthday Report (Solar Return)



Stations & Retograde Yearly Report 



Lunar Phase Report

(Natal & Progressed)



Yearly Highlights Report (Summary)


Natal Report & Forecasting

The Jupiter Report (Jupiter Return's)



Cosmo Forecast Report (Transits)

1 Mo & 3 Mo



Saturn Transit Report (30 Year + Natal)



Forecast Report 

(Coming Soon)



Calendar - Full Year

7 Day Summary Calendars Plus Extras  



Calendar - Full Year

7 Day Summary Calendars, Monthly Details + Extras 



Calendar - 7 Day Summary & Details

for 1 Mo



Calendar - 7 Day Summary & Details 

for 3 Mo


Synastry / Compatibility

The Cosmo Compatibility Report


Synastry / Compatibility

Togetherness & Time Together Report Bundle 


Synastry / Compatibility

Friends & Lovers 

The Relationship Report


Synastry / Compatibility

Togetherness Composite Chart & Report


Synastry / Compatibility

Time Together

Composite Transit Report

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