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The Indra Report is by far my most favorite of the natal charts!  It is an in-depth, comprehensive and extraordinarily thorough report interpreting many layers of your birth chart. It IS by far one of the most precisely targeted person-specific interpretations I’ve ever read. So much so, I was able to uncover and understand a few patterns in my own life (that I could not identify prior to) reading his interpretation.

Indra creates a psychological mirror of your life, by interpreting the astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth. Indra provides guidelines for personal improvement and self-discovery. This report interprets planets in houses, ascendant, conjunction, sextile, opposition, trine, square, semisquare, quincunx, sesquiquadrate, parallel, contra parallel, hemisphere & quadrant emphasis, elements and modes.

Bob Mulligan, the author of this report, has paid very close attention to details in precise astrological configurations and has even gone deeper into the interpretations of where the planets fall in a particular house and if on an angle, which side of the angle.  One example of this is, if a planet is conjunct the Ascendant, the interpretation given is different depending on whether the planet is on the 12th house side of the Ascendant or on the first house side AND whether the planet is afflicted (having hard aspects) or not.  He uses easy to understand astrological language so everyone from the very beginner to the more advanced astrologer can relate and comprehend.

Accurate and Exact Birth Information is necessary for this report.


Category:             Natal
Sub-category:    Detailed     

Number of People    1    
Average # of Pages    30-38    
Avail for Birth Time Known?    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known     $26.26

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?    No  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown        -

Sample PDF Report:            

Sample PDF Chart:                           

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                              About the Author(s):

Bob Mulligan is the author of the Indra Natal Report. In addition to writing this report, he has also developed a home study astrology school. Bob became seriously interested in astrology soon after finishing his college education, and has spent most of his adult career as an astrologer.

He is a well-known full-time astrological consultant who has traveled extensively, providing consultations and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and several other countries.

Bob Mulligan founded The Astrology Company in 1974. He is the President of the Organization of Professional Astrologers. Bob writes a monthly newsletter giving a day-by-day roundup of the month ahead.

Bob was born September 24, 1948 at 9:30 AM in Joliet, Illinois.

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