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Services: Clearing Options & Descriptions

Personalized Consultations & Readings for Individuals & Couples

Select Read More for full detail and location options, length and rates 

* Akashic Records Soul Clearings are very common

here (ie Past Lives & Traumas)

* Home /Business Clearings & Smudgings 

* Individual Spiritual Healing & Clearings with

Magickal Correspondences

* Specialty Clearing Services & Consultations


Akashic Records & Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Readings & Clearings

  •  New Client Consultations

  • Follow-up Quick Consults

  • Spiritual Soul Healing & Clearings 

  • Detailed/Specific Topics 

  • Timing Events

  • Past Life & Parallel Life Associations & Clearings (Pain, Trauma, Contracts)

  • Soul Contracts

  • Soul Family Connections

  • Repetitive Cycles & Behaviors

  • SRT Brain-Cell Restructuring, Neurocranial Restructuring, Homotoxicology

  • SRT Clearing Archetypes, Programs and Generational Themes

  • SRT Body Language - Organs & Glands

  • SRT Miscellaneous Soul Blockages

Individual Clearings

with Magickal Correspondences

  • Candle Work, Intentions, Magick 

  • Clearings though Herbs, Oils, Gemstones and Candles

  • Personalized Healing/Clearing Mantras, Invocations & Prayers

  • Detailed/Specific Topics through Spell work

  • Manifesting work

  • Customized Kits with personal guidance

  • Pendulum Work

  • Moon Rituals

  • Astrological & Magickal Correspondences

Home / Business

Clearings / Smudgings Consultations

  • Home & Property smudgings & clearings 

  • Business & Building smudging & clearings

  • Herbs, Minerals, Oils & Candles may be used depending on issues.

  • Crossing over earthbound spirits & clearing stuck energy

  • Pendulum work & research may be done here

  • Communication with friendly visitors (energy/spirits)


These appointments are done mostly by referral only. If you are in need of assistance here, please schedule a New Client Consult first (there is no cost) ​and include detailed information of activity, energy, etc.

Specialty Clearing

Services & Consultations

  • New Client Consults 

  • Client Consults 

  • Prayer & Candle Clearing Services

  • Clearings through Meditation (and sometime Trance States)

  • Specialty Clearings of Items, People, Animals, Properties, etc

  • Clearings though Herbs, Oils and Candles

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