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Rev. Amanda has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:


Reiki & Chakra

Healing and  

Ministry Services

*Healing through the Akashic Records and Spiritual Response Therapy (ie. Past Life trauma, pain, agreements)


*Healing Services & Consultations

*Ministry Services & Consultations

*Specialty Services & Consultations



Personalized Readings

& Consultations for

Individuals & Couples

* Akashic Records Readings & Clearings and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) - Certified Personal Consultant

* ANTE-up! Combo Readings

(Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Elementals)

* Astrology Chart Readings & Consultations

* Integrated Readings & Intuitive Guidance

* Numerology Readings & Consultations


* Oracle Cards / Intuitive Spiritual Tarot

 Note: All Personalized Astrology Reports are located in  the Reports section.



Teaching - Inner

Growth & Spiritual


* Inner Growth & Spiritual Development Services

* Individual, Couples or Small Group Teachings, Mentoring & Consultations


Spiritual Clearings


* Akashic Records Soul Clearings are very common here (ie Past Lives & Traumas)

* Home /Business Clearings & Smudgings 

* Individual Spiritual Healing & Clearings with Magickal Correspondences

* Specialty Clearing Services & Consultations


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