About Rev Amanda
History & Background 
Rev Amanda has been an intuitive medium since birth.  Some of her earliest memories of seeing & communicating with Spirit were around the age of two standing in her crib. She recalls seeing a tall man at her family's then 160 year old Victorian house all of the time who would only speak to her and a few 'others'.  A year or so later, when old enough to gather reasoning skills it became apparent that this family of six - 3 humans and 3 dogs, was consistently way more crowded. Despite all the activity and life happening around her, only she was seeing, hearing and feeling it.
As an only child she soon realized wherever she went Spirit was there; sometimes friendly, sometimes very frightful and often times presented themselves as confused or 'lost'.  Her parents and extended family were unaware of any supernatural presence and often times comforted her in times of fear and distress.  
Death was constantly surrounding her.
So was Source. Creator. God.
As well as many other Light Beings & Soul Workers in the Spiritual realm - Her Family, Angels, Saints, Masters, Famous Historical Figures and a Group of Light Beings she later came to know and call her "Spiritual Committee or Spiritual Posse".
All seemed well and at ease at home until she began attending Kindergarten at a religious school for her formal education. Little things started to shift energetically. She seemed to become a target, with a huge spotlight shining right on her. However, it wasn't until she began receiving her first two sacraments that the energy got worse and started to take on a negative tone. For her, everything that God had shown her as Truth was now being challenged. Nothing made sense and she questioned much of it over the years without drawing any more unnecessary attention to herself. 
Her childhood was not at all easy by any means - spiritually speaking.  No one else sensed or saw the detail of what she saw, therefore didn't believe her. Amanda's Spiritual gifts were not understood, not nurtured, and not accepted in the strict religious schooling & upbringing. She was frightened by many Earth-bound Spirits.  This became more common as the years passed. Her abilities began to feel more like a curse and everywhere she went she was seeing what she knew as ghosts and being scared or haunted. Her Spiritual Helpers trying their best to comfort and ease the mind and racing heart of this young light-worker during her most formative years (early & middle childhood). Little permeated through the the veil from them due to the consistent activity, nightmares, night terrors and overwhelming fear of these Stuck spirits. 
Around the age of 11-12 (6th-7th grade) she secretly did what she could to protect herself by studying and practicing basic paganism or Wicca and found herself playing with a Large Size version of the traditional Tarot Deck. Ironically, she was doing this while still attending Catholic School and supposedly "receiving the ability to communicate" with the holy spirit which she had already had since birth! By the age of 13-14 (8th-9th grade), all became too much of a conflict & too much to bear on a regular basis, so she decided to shut her gifts down.  
Or so she thought...  
Over the years, she would continue to "know things", feel energy & a presence around her. She would tell her family and friends about her dreams and visions and watch them instantly happen or unfold over the years. She would tell people information that did not make any sense to her and yet bring people peace. She would have these gut feelings and follow them. She could tell a person's intentions within minutes. Amanda would share details of couples, some who she only knew by TV & radio, relationship dealings and success rates or outcomes. She later found out this was Relationship Astrology or Synastry without having any formal training or knowing what an Astrological Chart was. People would tell her things, very private things in confidence and she would be able to give them what she explained as "logical guidance" and "out-of-the-box solutions".  
She also had a keen sense of numbers, symbols, patterns & shapes. She loved all things Magic, games of chance, Math-Magick, Counting and feeling the energy of money, connecting to the elements an ear for music and an eye for things seen and unseen in nature. Her family loved to cook and inspired her to help out and create new dishes which she rather enjoyed conjuring up on a regular basis. She grew up around family who played musical instruments and recalled always having music on in the house when her parents were home. She was constantly dancing, creating routine movements, and could feel the emotion of music which would often times send her into unknown space.
Amanda would study different religions and cultures of the world, finding herself connecting with certain places and beliefs so strongly that many times caused her to get angry or break down & cry. She spent hours in the library and reading books to fill the gaps of things that were not making sense until she found the answer or it would magically appear to her. She began taking & interpreting abnormalities in pictures. She could see colors and patterns around living things. Feeling inspired she would sketch these shapes, lines, patters and sit for hours on end calculating the meaning & patterns of numbers & letters. Alone in her own space away from others brought her peace & happiness. When her space was safe - it was her sanctuary. As she focused more on her passions, she would not give the 'ghosts' energy.
That is until she went to college.  She took several courses to find herself, her voice and understand the thought and behavior patterns of others. She attended many events that were not appealing to anyone in her circle of friends. She studied the History and Life of Witchcraft and attended groups of supernatural nature to get answers and to finally make peace with her childhood experiences.
Amanda is very open about Death & her Childhood experiences. She's even made light of the situation by saying, "Most of my family died when I was between the ages of 2-14. I have attended more funerals in my childhood than ever attended & experiencing weddings, baby showers & childbirths combined!" 
When she shared her experiences she smiled and said, "Not all of my childhood was bad. Actually, it was  pretty amazing! Overall I was a very happy, loving and playful child growing up in a family who loved and supported me in everything I was passionate about, wanted to do, and achieve. I do not blame my parents, family & friends for not believing me - they didn't feel it then or understand it. I admit, some of what happened to me sounded quite unbelievable or crazy... many times something straight out of the Twilight Zone. Seriously though, I have been told my life story would make a great story-line for a book or movie.  In the late 70's - 80's, it was not openly acceptable to have abilities as a child unless receiving holy sacraments and I often feared an exorcism may have taken place if too many people found out the real situations that presented to me.  Many times I wished & prayed for some guidance or someone to show me how to protect me from invisible energy and beings. I soon realized who God was and the important place Creator/Source held in my being. Source and I are buddies.  I feel very Blessed to be able to have this type of connection."  
Although not always a positive experience in her younger years, she admits that she was fortunate to have had, "All the Clair's" to help her get through life (psychically speaking that is).  All of her 8 senses were highly active pretty much since birth despite shutting some down during middle & high school.
      Clairvoyant - clear seeing & ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact;
     Clairaudient - clear hearing, what is inaudible to others; 
     Claircognisant. - clear knowing, having inner knowing or Divine Knowing, light-bulb information (in & gone quick);
     Clairscentient - clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future. Also sensing physical & emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five                                             senses. This happens more so as a clear physical feeling in the body;
     Clairscentency a.k.a. Clairsalience - clear smelling, scents and odors presented through the perception of smell; 
     Clairgustance - clear tasting, ability to perceive or actually taste with the mouth something symbolic;
     Clairtangency - clear touching, feeling an actual or etherical object from Spirit. Also holding a physical object from Spirit to receive facts or  information  a.k.a.                                                  Psychometry;
     Clairempathy - the awareness or perception of emotional energy. You don’t necessarily experience the feeling in your body, but you are aware of the feeling.
Spirit & Source has worked with her over the years in some very interesting ways!
Some of the more common / well-known ways have been though Prophecy, Visitations, Channeling, visiting & accessing the Akashic Records, Automatic Writing, Relationship & Astrology foresight, Numerology & Soul Transition timing, Reiki Healing, Tantra, Remote Viewing, Astral Traveling, Communicating with Nature and Space in all forms as well as Protection Spells and Energy Clearings. 
Since 2006, after speaking to and "seeing/assisting" her grandmother transition to Spirit world by phone 7 states away, she has immersed herself into the Metaphysical world to better understand herself and her abilities & gifts. Embracing it as best she could.  This time without fear.
Now that she had a clear insight of who she is, and has accepted all her abilities along the way, she would like to spread the Knowledge & Truth that she has learned over the years and help others on their journey to Enlightenment. 

"I want other people, to understand what they are going through with their gifts and not be afraid of it as I was as a child. There were days and nights I didn't know who to turn to or what to say for fear of the outcome. At one point, it was a constant and surreal state of panic due to all the  intense activity in the house and every other house and space I went into. There were a few years when church didn't  even feel like a safe-haven! 


As a kid, and even more so now as an adult, all I know is that I was  NOT crazy & it did all happen exactly as I said it did. The only one that believed or understood me was my grandmother. I prayed and prayed and prayed and begged for these 'things / ghosts'  to go away and leave me alone. I always asked God, why? Why me? And why so scary?  The answer was there but the understanding was not . The answer was repeated  time and time again, sometimes in phrases, sentenced and in complete conversation.  Still I could not understand, not completely.  


Going through this lifetime feels like it was backwards in the sense that the Knowledge & Truth was there, but the guidance & understanding was not. It's almost like all 700 unnumbered pages of a book of WHO AM I? were dropped in a field out of the clear blue sky and was told, once you gather & read each page and put it in sequential order, bring it back to me and you will receive the prize - the answer you've been searching for.


The answer was and always has been,

 "This is the path We have chosen. Yes, We. You must learn to decipher between what is false & what is real. In doing so you will gain the wisdom, knowledge & truth to control, overcome and release all that is standing in Your way in the flesh. This is a repetitive cycle throughout your human life. Discernment. Trust in your ability to know Truth. Your Soul will guide you on your way back to Oneness. Listen. Share Light. Be Love. Seek Peace. You will meet other Soul-Workers and Light-Beings like you along the way. Soul recognition using Soul Language. Call on me and look within. We are one. I am ever present to support you, and speak to you and through you as unconditional love. The state of human consciousness will begin to unfold. This is all necessary for evolution and in Divine Order. Balance comes when other Souls know truth." - God, Source, Creator 

As a mother myself, I find this pertinent to share with other people, parents and children especially. We all need a support system and it makes life so much easier when you have other like-minded people to talk to and learn from so they can overcome fear and step into their power to grow their Soul. Since I have stepped into my path completely and willingly, this is what keeps me motivated & brings me fulfillment - the bigger picture - helping others find their purpose even if that means one Soul at a time."         -Rev Amanda