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  • The Clairs of Mediumship... plus some!

    We've all heard of the Sixth Sense, right? Well would you believe me when I say that one person could have the possibility of 13 senses all together?! Well actually 15 all together if you use my made up words to describe the additional 2 gifts!! 15 Really?! Yes! It is possible to have up to 8 additional spiritual senses over and above the 5 human senses most people currently have and use (barring any health issues that is) plus and additional 2 Spiritual Gifts that use your senses as well. Here is how. We as humans are born with the 5 senses of this world - the sense of Sight, Smell, Hearing, Speech & Touch. The majority of humans have a gut feeling - that is actually called your intuition. However that gut intuition which most tend to ignore is considered a gift especially when it is used properly and you tend to be spot-on when following with what you feel. It is not technically a Clair Sense... well it can be.... keep reading to see what I mean. Now that is just one example, but in actuality there are 8 Spiritual Gift Senses know as Clair Senses. "Clair" is actually French meaning "Clear"; so in essence the Clair Senses means you have Clear Senses of that which is beyond the human-physical realm. It means you can connect with the Universe, Spirit and beyond. How do you get them? Well for most, it's usually one of 3 ways: either by birth/born with the gifts, after a life-altering experience or by developing them properly over time. How many can you have? Do you have to have all 8 (or 10)? Well again, you can have or acquire up to 8 (or 10) of them, but NO! it is not a bad thing if you have one or two. It depends on the strength & how you use them. It would be beneficial If you have a good qualified and experienced mentor if you don't know what is happening to you or you are looking to develop them without any prior experience. I highly suggest reading about them from a qualified source, do you research, tap into yourself and see what you are connecting with and possibly seek out a mentor, medium or spiritual teacher if you feel as though you want to continue growing any or all of your extra-sensory abilities! Here are the additional 8 Spiritual Senses a.k.a. The Clairs & you will understand why by their names. Clairvoyant -clear seeing & ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Clairaudient - clear hearing, what is inaudible to others. Claircognisant - clear knowing, having inner knowing or Divine Knowing, light-bulb information (in & gone quick). Clairscentient - clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future. Also sensing physical & emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. This happens more so as a clear physical feeling in the body. Clairscentency a.k.a. Clairsalience - clear smelling, scents and odors presented through the perception of smell. Clairgustance - clear tasting, ability to perceive or actually taste with the mouth something symbolic. Clairtangency - clear touching, feeling an actual or etheric object from Spirit. Also holding a physical object from Spirit to receive facts or information a.k.a. Psychometry. Clairempathy - the awareness or perception of emotional energy. You don’t necessarily experience the feeling in your body, but you are aware of the feeling. Now if that wasn't enough fun, there are an additional 2 ways you can communicate with Spiritual & Etheric Beings and that is known as "Channeling" or being a "Channel". I like to consider these 2 as a kind of "Clair-Channel" & "Clair-Channeler" or "Clear-Channel" & "Clear-Channeling". That's my made up words, but it works! And I consider them part of "My Clair-abilites" (my other made up word). Here is what they mean. Channel - A person who has the ability and allows their body and mind to be used as a mechanism for beings in higher realms, etheric world intelligence, and Ascended Masters, Teachers & Guides to bring psychic information or healing energy to others. Channeling -- To practice of allowing those beings in higher realms, etheric world intelligence, and Ascended Masters, Teachers & Guides to enter one's mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness to be spoken aloud, using one's voice or body to deliver the information or healing energy. So now that you have a better sense of all the "Clair-abilities" - which do you have? Which would you like to find out more about? Which do your friends & family have? Are you paying attention to your Intuition?! Let's not forget just how important it is to pay attention to that gift as you will need to call upon it for all of these additional ones you just learned about! Try them out on your best friends, your family members - but only if they are open to it. Have fun with it and enjoy these special gifts and as you will soon realize you have control over all of it. If you are not comfortable with one or any of these senses, you can ask for it to stop or only happen when you ask. That is called setting Spiritual Boundaries. If you have any questions or need help keeping them in check/closing down, please feel free to reach out. I will do my best to guide you and make it more enjoyable. Enjoy! Many blessings of Love & Light! Namaste. - Amanda 7/14/20

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  • Readings Options & Descriptions |

    Services: Reading Options & Descriptions Personalized Consultations & Readings for Individuals & Couples ​ Select Read More for full detail and location options, length and rates ​ * Akashic Records Readings & Clearings and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) - Certified Personal Consultant ​ * ANTE-up! Combo Readings (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Elementals) ​ * Astrology Chart Readings & Consultations ​ * Integrated Readings & Intuitive Guidance ​ * Numerology Readings & Consultations * Oracle Cards / Intuitive Spiritual Tarot ​ ​ Note :All Personalized Astrology Reports are located in the Reports section. Akashic Records & Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Readings & Clearings New Client Consultations Follow-up Quick Consults Spiritual Soul Healing & Clearings Detailed/Specific Topics Timing Events Past Life & Parallel Life Associations & Clearings Soul Contracts Soul Family Connections Repetitive Cycles & Behaviors SRT Brain-Cell Restructuring, Neurocranial Restructuring, Homotoxicology SRT Clearing Archetypes, Programs and Generational Themes SRT Body L anguage - Organs & Glands SRT Miscellaneous Soul Blockages ​ ​ Read More Astrology Chart Readings & Consultations New Client Consults Natal Chart Readings Follow-up Quick Consults Detailed/Specific Topics Relocations & Timing Events Chart Rectification Transits, Progressions, Returns Compatibility between 2 people Composite/ Synastry for 2 charts Composite/ Synastry Transits ​ Accurate birth information is needed for most appointments.​ Read More Numerology Readings & Consultations Full Numerology Consults Follow-up Quick Consults Timing Events Individual Readings Compatibility between 2 people Life Path, Current Year Energy, Specific Date Energy ​ Accurate birth and name information is needed for most appointments.​ Read More ANTE-up! Combo Readings Detailed Consults Follow-up Quick Consults Individual or Couples Readings Combo Readings - Astrology, Numerology, Tarot & Elements This is a power-packed option & gives you a lot of info in a short period of time! ​ Accurate birth information is needed for most appointments.​ Read More Integrated Readings & Intuitive Guidance New Client Consults Follow-up Quick Consults Detailed/Specific Topics Any and all spiritual gifts & modalities that come forward are in play during these readings. Basically, being the conduit & allowing the flow of energy to work. Each reading is completely unique. Some info may be required prior to appointment for meditation purposes. Read More Oracles & Tarot Readings Full Detailed Readings Follow-up Quick Consults Tarot Cards - Intuitive Spiritual Readings Oracle Cards - Have over 30 decks and usually Spirit will pick depending on your topics of concern. Blended readings - give US* your questions or topics and the cards (from several decks) plus our UniverSoul Spirits give you the answers Read More

  • Products |

    Products & Gift Ideas Looking for a specific product, item or gift? We've got you covered! ​ Not sure? A gift certificate or an astrology report may do the trick! ​ Each Section will expand (if available) with more information. As our Universe expands so shall our options! Products ​ ​ coming soon Take Me to All Available Products! Astrology Reports ​ Astrology Reports are now available! ​ Perfect for YOU specific guidance on many topics including: - the upcoming year - career choices - your naughty side - your psychological side - opportunity & luck - parental influence - purpose & destiny - friends & coworkers - lovers & compability - personalized calendars ​ Makes a great gift for your loved ones too! ​ Take Me to All Astrology Reports Options!! Kits ​ ​ coming soon Take Me to All Available Kits !! Other Items ​ ​ coming soon Take Me to All Other Item Options!!

  • Personalized Astrology Reports |

    Personalized Astrology Reports Personalized Astrology Reports Personalized Astrology Reports are Customized Astrology Report readings for Individuals and Couples. Depending on the type of report offered you can find out as much detail about a particular topic in your own life, an overview or summary of a topic, enjoy daily astrology calendar guidance or even have a comparison of two people and how they might relate to one another. The hardest part is figuring out which ones to read first! Below you will find a large selection of personalized* astrological report readings available to help you understand yourself and others. These reports have been written by expert astrologers, many who have specialized in specific areas or fields of astrology. These professionals have created reports that are beautifully written, with concise interpretations and explanations making the language of Astrology (a.k.a. Astro-jargon) very easy to understand! ​ Detailed Readings & Interpretations By Category ​ This page shows you all the options available by category. You can Hover Over each Report Box and click on View More under each report name to open it and see all the details of the report, the information it provides, the approximate number of pages, and sample reports pulled in celebrity names. Remember to check this page often or bookmark us, as we are always adding more astro report options for you to enjoy! ​ Important: Please Read Before Ordering Astrology Reports ​ Make sure that you select the report(s) that you want to purchase before you proceed. Please check AND double-check birth information and report details on Intake Forms before submitting payment. We are not responsible for entry errors made by customers. All sales are final and not refundable past cancellation policy period. (See Terms & Conditions on Intake/Order Form.) ​ Since these specialized reports are based on Your individual birth chart, they are NOT available for immediate download . Your report(s) will be prepared by an astrologer, and emailed directly to you with a brief description of the PDF files attached. If you order multiple reports, you may receive more than one email depending on attachment sizes allowed per email. ​ Your Astrology Report(s) will be arriving by email within 48-72 hours of receiving your payment. Reports are processed after receipt of payment during office hours and in between client appointments. We say 48-72 hours as some days are busier than others and we may be on the road! In most cases you should receive your report earlier than later. Typically, within 48 hours if ordered on a weekday and within 72 hours if ordered late on a Friday afternoon or weekend. ​ Optional Language Reports Some reports offer interpretations in other languages. If you choose to have a report in a language other than English, please select the correct language on the Intake form for each report. ​ ​ "Birth Time Unknown" Reports If the birth time is not from a birth certificate or birth record or known to be accurate within about 10 or 15 minutes, then we recommend ordering the "Birth Time Unknown" style of the report. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Therefore, a "Birth Time Unknown" report is a little shorter than a "Birth Time Known" Report. ​ Also Note, some reports are not available in a "Birth Time Unknown" version because they require a birth time. Those are listed in each report description. ​ ​ ​ ​ Natal Reports: All About You and your Unique self! (1) person ​ Forecast Reports: These include Yearly, Transits, Returns, Stations, Progressions, Stations & Retrogrades (1) person ​ Calendar Reports: Personalized Calendars Showing All Aspects & Optional Interpretations (1) person Synastry ( Compatibility ) Reports: Compatibility (2) people, Composite: (2) people & Transits ​ ​ Whether you are totally new, familiar or a seasoned astrologer, these reports are very informative and will have you learning something new! ​ These Reports make excellent gift ideas for Holidays, Birthday's Anniversaries, and for anyone seeking insight on their deeper purpose, career guidance, options for travel and moving, opportunity & challenge period awareness. The list goes on! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ *Personalized Astrology Report Readings require accurate birth information including Date, Time & Location. More on this on on the next page and in some report descriptions. PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING ​ Whether you order one (1) or all of them; a few things to note: Your Astrology Report(s) will be arriving by email within 48-72 hours of receiving your payment. ​ You can Order Your Astrology Reports right from our Secure main scheduler and Select the Astrology Report Option. From there Choose which report(s) you'd like to order. ​ All 1 Person Reports can be ordered together and only require one (1) Intake Form per person. All two (2) person Reports can be ordered together and only require 1 Intake Form for each set of "couples". One (1) and two (2) person ordering cannot be mixed for Intake Form and accuracy purposes and to ensure privacy for whom the Final report are sent to via email. The Scheduler will ask you to pick a Time & Date for your "Appointment". This Appointment becomes your "Order Date/Time" for processing reports internally and the to give us the "within 48-72 hours" to process, prepare and email/send the Final reports. *You do not have to be present or available for the "Appointment Date" a.k.a. "Order Date/Time" for these Astrology Reports; it just a placeholder for keeping our Calendar & Orders from being Overbooked &/or Overlooked! ​ Once you hit Submit/Pay, you will receive a confirmation email with that same "Appointment Date" a.k.a . "Order Date/Time" for these Astrology Reports; and a receipt for your payment. There will be links to access your order, and to reach us should you have any questions . ​ ​ ​ Natal Report The Indra Report ​ View More Natal Report The Vertex Report ​ View More Forecasting & Natal Report The Jupiter Report ​ View More Natal Report The Fixed Stars Report View More Natal Report The Cosmo Natal Report View More Natal Report Vocational Guidance Report View More Natal Report The 4 Major Asteroids & Chiron Report View More Natal Report Eclipse Aspect Points Report View More Natal Report Harmonic Hightlights Report View More Natal Report Hidden Messages Report View More Natal Report The Asteroids Report ​ View More Natal Report Major Life Themes Natal Report View More Natal Report The Naughty Natal Report View More Natal Report Asteroid Listings Report View More Forecasting The Birthday Report (Solar Return) View More Forecasting Stations & Retograde Yearly Report View More Forecasting Lunar Phase Report (Natal & Progressed) View More Forecasting Yearly Highlights Report (Summary) View More Natal Report & Forecasting The Jupiter Report (Jupiter Return's) View More Forecasting Cosmo Forecast Report (Transits) 1 Mo & 3 Mo View More Forecasting Saturn Transit Report (30 Year + Natal) View More Forecasting Forecast Report (Coming Soon) View More Calendars Calendar - Full Year 7 Day Summary Calendars Plus Extras View More Calendars Calendar - Full Year 7 Day Summary Calendars, Monthly Details + Extras View More Calendars Calendar - 7 Day Summary & Details for 1 Mo View More Calendars Calendar - 7 Day Summary & Details for 3 Mo View More Synastry / Compatibility The Cosmo Compatibility Report View More Synastry / Compatibility Togetherness & Time Together Report Bundle View More Synastry / Compatibility Friends & Lovers The Relationship Report View More Synastry / Compatibility Togetherness Composite Chart & Report View More Synastry / Compatibility Time Together Composite Transit Report View More

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