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Appointment Description:




AR / SRT: Consults & 1st Time {Phone 30Min}


This 30 Min Phone Consult discuss how this works & what exactly you would like to cover as far as Soul cycles, clearings or revisiting Soul records.  Once call finishes, mediation takes place for permission & time details to complete the reading.


This option is good for those who have:

~ never had an AR or SRT reading

~ are unaware of soul contracts & connections

~ those looking to explore a deeper level of past life & current life energies, repeated life lessons & behaviors.





AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {Phone - 30 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {Phone - 60 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {Phone - 90 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {In County - 60 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {In County - 90 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {Out Of County - 60 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {Out Of County - 90 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {SE FL - 60 Min}

AR / SRT: Follow-Up  {SE FL - 90 Min}


Akashic Records & Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Sessions can be used in many different ways so you will see it under 3 areas of appointments:  Readings, Healings & Clearings.

This option is good for those who have had an Akashic Record reading, a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Session, or ARE aware of soul contracts & connections, and for those are looking to get quicker responses without the detailed info in the initial reading.  The info that comes though moves very fast and covers a broad range of topics. If you are looking for a particular area or topic, please include that in the form when signing up or feel free to contact me ahead of time by email.

Akashic Records can cover more generalized areas and can be as interactive as necessary. SRT can cover generalized areas and very specific areas of soul progression and growth. SRT gets into more detailed and specific therapeutic areas of life where. If you choose a Reading option – we do all 3 blended (reading, healing & clearing) as the guided by My Spiritual Committee and typically focus more on SRT.    If you are looking for something specific please note that on the intake form or when we speak during the Consult so proper focus can be made on certain areas over others – especially when it comes to SRT.


Many areas of life and Soul conditions can be connected with in these appointments. Just a few topics of research, clearing, healing and adjustments that can be made through Akashic Records & SRT are: Spiritual Soul Healing & Clearings, Timing Events, Past Life & Parallel Life Associations & Clearings (Pain, Trauma, Contracts), Soul Contracts, Soul Family Connections, Repetitive Cycles & Behaviors, SRT Brain-Cell Restructuring, SRT Neurocranial Restructuring, SRT Homotoxicology, SRT Clearing Archetypes, Programs and Generational Themes, SRT Body Language - Organs & Glands, Minerals, Creation Levels of experience.


Please note that this is a no-nonsense experience and may cause many people to feel different emotions at different stages of work and shifts in alignment on an energy level. Your frequency, vibrations, mindset, energy level may all shift over a period of time while adjusting to the changes made during your sessions. Major changes are able to take place so long as you are willing to keep on the same path (meaning you have free-will to accept the changes or not). These changes are made on multi-dimensional levels and across multiple time-frames; so we are able to change lifetimes! There are certain conditions that are necessary for your Soul’s progression and will be made clear if they arise.


For SRT appointments - Unless requested to be on the phone or in person, all work is done in private and either written down or recorded and transposed after the session and given to you at the time of appointment. This allows us to stay in direct connection/alignment and not stop every few seconds to answer questions. This is especially true during areas of work requiring deeper soul research, with repetitive behaviors & cycles, Brain restructuring, Homotoxicology, cross-generational themes where many of the times I am operating at a different level of time & space, directly channeling or if slipping into a trance state or astral traveling.  Thank you for understanding this process at the soul level as it is for your maximum healing, clearing or reading process for you highest and best good.


Due to the nature of this work, permission to work with you on a higher vibration/realm must be received directly from the Akasha  / Hall of Records and that answer is honored (meaning if our energies do not align for this work, we can refer you to another practitioner to help you). After receiving permission from Hall of Records, we then ask your permission to connect with your Soul Records, & Higher-Self. This may sound redundant but is absolutely necessary to access your Soul Space and make the process flow smoothly. My Spiritual Committee (including my Higher-Self) works with Your Higher-Self to facilitate the sessions and allow the flow of energy to work at it most effective level. ~USL

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