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For centuries Saturn has been identified with misfortune and hard times. Most modern astrologers have a more benign attitude, but a general apprehension remains. Its cycle is nearly thirty years, it completes its first trip around the zodiac around the age of thirty and its second just before the age of sixty, marking the beginnings of middle and old age. Saturn usually bears a message of aging that we aren't eager to receive.

Saturn also has a knack for stripping things down to its barest or most simplest form. As Saturn moves around the zodiac it passes over every area in a chart. All these areas are facets of your self. Each point defines a unique cycle and each cycle, in turn, has a peak and a valley of its own. Saturn is a tool, a lever, and you have more leverage at the point Saturn is transiting than at any other point in your chart.

Usually astrologers would look at one, or maybe two, cycles at any given time and not all of them. The objective is to identify trends and directions that are normally lost and tells you which phase & quarter you are currently in. The report then goes on to tell you the Dates of your Current Saturn Transits, what Saturn means as far as a planetary influence in our lives and how each Phase of the Cycle is affecting you. Lastly, you will receive one page for each Saturn Return over 3 full cycles or Returns breaking down the astrological aspects for each Planet & House by Age & Decade.

NOTE: This is a quick & concise Overview Report; there are no interpretations per each aspect on this report. This is considered a more advanced but useful report when you need to know where you are now, where you were and where you are going (so to speak). This report is visually beautiful with how it breaks the planets down in a full color chart that is easy to read. This requires some knowledge of “astro-jargon” with the signs & symbols broken down, but not impossible for the beginner.

Accurate and Exact Birth Information is necessary for this report.

Category:             Forecast 
Sub-category:     Planets/Returns
Number of People    1    
Average # of Pages    5
Avail for Birth Time Known?    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known     $9.99

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?   No  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown      -

Sample PDF Report:            
Stephen Erlewine_edited.jpg

                              About the Author(s):

Stephen Erelewine is the author of The Saturn Transit (30 Years) Report.

He began the study of astrology in 1965, opened Circle Books, an astrological bookstore in 1968, and began publishing the Circle Books astrological calendar in 1969. In 1972 he published the Circle Book of Charts, a collection of charts for famous individuals over centuries.

For centuries where no ephemeris was available, he had the help of one of the earliest astrological computer programs then being developed by Thomas Shanks. In 1979 he bought a Commodore Pet and taught himself to program. He soon was working on code for Matrix which was started by his brother, Michael. In 1980 he started working full time for Matrix. Stephen Erlewine was the lead programmer at Matrix Software.
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