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The Major Life Themes Report use advanced harmonics and midpoints theory.
This short report is based on some cutting edge innovative discoveries of author David Cochrane. Using an analysis of major themes in the chart based on harmonic patterns and midpoints, which are exciting new areas of astrological theory developed in modern times, David describes what the major themes in your life are.

This report is available in these languages for KNOWN Birth Time: English, Spanish, Norwegian & Swedish. Languages for UNKNOWN Birth Time: English, Spanish & Norwegian.

Please Note: an accurate birth time is need for the interpretation of the rising sign and planets in houses, but an “Unknown Time or “no birth time” version is also available; it just leaves out those details and the report may be a shorter number of pages.


Category:            Natal
Sub-category:    Advanced Harmonics/                                     Midpoints Theory

Number of People:       1    
Average # of Pages:      3-7   
Avail for Birth Time Known?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known :    $10.10

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown:     $10.10

Sample PDF Report:            

David Cochrane.jpg

                              About the Author(s):

David Cochrane is the leading authority on harmonic astrology. David is also the author of the Major Life Themes Report, Harmonic Highlights Report, and the AstroLocality Report. 
He is the founder Cosmic Patterns Software Inc., and is the lead software programmer of the development team that makes the Kepler and Pegasus astrology programs, and a professional astrologer at Cosmic Patterns Software.

David was born May 1, 1949, at 4:26 AM in East Meadow, New York (time zone 5 hours west, daylight savings time observed). He received a BA degree in psychology in 1972.
He began his astrology practice in 1973. During the 1970’s:  David pioneered some new theories of astrological interpretation using harmonics and midpoints, was a practicing astrologer and switched to computer programming (in the late 1970's). Since then has been devoted to developing astrology software. He still practices astrology at the present time on special cases. 
He is a well-known speaker in astrological community and astrological conferences. His lectures are well attended and well received. David is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to break complex ideas down into simple form and to inspire as well as to educate.
David has been called a "theoretical genius", "the world's greatest expert in harmonic astrology", and "the best speaker" at national conferences, and even simply "the best astrologer" by some of the world's most respected and experienced astrologers.
This is a very, very brief synopsis of his impressive career. If you would like to know more about David Cochrane, or Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc., you can find them through several avenues online.
I’m very grateful to know David & Fei (his wife and co-owner of Cosmic Patterns Software Inc.) personally and find them to be incredible people who have and extreme amount of love & dedication to the field of astrology in general. It has been a pleasure to meet them, see them through various associations over the years and an honor to be supporting his work through these reports & the company through the software and conferences.
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