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If you use astrology to help keep track of your life, this is the ultimate desktop reference you’ll use every day. It has everything you’d want – and a lot more – to keep on top of things and ahead of the game.

First, it’s a full-color, printable 36-page astrological appointment desk calendar that includes everything you’d expect, from day to day:
  • Daily aspects Transit to Transit (Tran-Tran) – The Transits in the Sky as it appears that day. If these are significant energies it will show up on this report (Example: Jupiter moving into Retrograde motion or a Solar Eclipse) – for everyone.
  • Moon sign and phase
  • Daily Moon, Sun, and planetary sign changes
  • Void-of-Course Moon times
  • Complete monthly ephemeris
  • Special planetary events – full and new Moons, eclipses, stations
  • Red/Green Days – highlights days with strong positive or negative aspects
  • Lunation Charts for your locality
But that’s when it leaves other calendars in the dust – because this one is entirely personalized for your own birth horoscope. So, each daily entry includes:
  • Personal daily transits, progressions, and solar arc directions to your own chart:
              Transit to Natal (Tran-Nat) – The current Transits and the aspects directly                      correlated to your Natal Chart – for you personally.
              Progressed to Natal (Prog-Nat) – Your Progressed Chart and the aspects                          directly correlated to your Natal Chart – for you personally.
              Solar Arc to Natal (Arc-Nat) – Your Solar Arc Progressions and the aspects                      directly correlated to your Natal Chart – for you personally.

So, on top of a fabulous desk calendar that’s got daily planetary aspects in the sky and to your natal chart already written in, you get a full year’s ephemeris to keep track of daily transits.
Accurate and Exact Birth Information is necessary for this report.

Category:             Calendar 
Sub-category:     Personalized
Number of People    1    
Average # of Pages    37
Avail for Birth Time Known?    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known     $15.00

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?   No  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown      -

Sample PDF Report:            
Stephen Erlewine_edited.jpg

                              About the Author(s):

R. Stephen Erlewine is the author of The Saturn Transit (30 Years) Report, Creator of DayWatch: The Matrix Calendar Program as well as lead Programmer of Matrix Software.

He began the study of astrology in 1965, opened Circle Books, an astrological bookstore in 1968, and began publishing the Circle Books astrological calendar in 1969. In 1972 he published the Circle Book of Charts, a collection of charts for famous individuals over centuries.

For centuries where no ephemeris was available, he had the help of one of the earliest astrological computer programs then being developed by Thomas Shanks. In 1979 he bought a Commodore Pet and taught himself to program. He soon was working on code for Matrix which was started by his brother, Michael. In 1980 he started working full time for Matrix. Stephen Erlewine was the lead programmer at Matrix Software.
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