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 (Ptolemaic Aspects within a 1° Orb)
In this report 1,425 asteroids have been analyzed to your chart to see which ones have Ptolemaic Aspects within 1° Orb (which is a conjunction). This Listing Report takes into consideration only those conjunctions to the Sun, Moon, Planets, Ascendant and Mid-heaven in your birth chart.

NOTE: This is a quick & concise Listings Only Report; there are no interpretations. This is considered a more advanced but useful report when you need to know the basics and very easy to look at when comparing to your Natal Wheel Chart. This also makes a great reference to look at while looking at an Asteroids Natal Wheel (a Bi-wheel Chart) as it shows the ones that are the absolute closest to EXACT conjunction (closest to 0° Orb – typically within 30 Min or less of an orb). If you want the meanings, history, myths and significance, you will want the Asteroids Report. Both of those can be ordered separately (see Natal Report Option on the previous Page for more information).

Since this Asteroid Report is quite thorough and based on your Natal Birth chart, you will only need to have this particular report pulled once as this is a Lifetime report.


Accurate and Exact Birth Information is necessary for this report.

Category:            Natal                             
Sub-category:    Asteroids/Stars

Number of People:       1    
Average # of Pages:       17-28  
Avail for Birth Time Known?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known :    $10.10

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?:    No  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown:      -

Sample PDF Report:            

                              About the Author(s):

Unknown (Cosmic Pattern Software Inc.)

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