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      This Listings Report gives you a Lifetime (100 Years) of Eclipses & Aspect data.
First, this report gives you a listing of Every Eclipse that has happened within a year prior to birth, to 100 years later. Eclipses include both Solar & Lunar.
Secondly this report breaks down whether the eclipses are Penumbral, Annular, Partial or Total; the Exact Date & Degree & Sign it took place in (whether or not it has directly affected your chart or not).
Lastly, Every Major Aspect that is within a 2° Orb of your Natal Chart and the Solar & Lunar eclipses will be listed under each eclipse individually. The Aspect, Planet of your chart and the exact orb will be listed. Major Aspects include Conjunctions, Sextiles, Trines, Squares and Oppositions.
Why Eclipses? The effects of the Sun & Moon in particular placements (sign, house & degree) during the Solar & Lunar Eclipses can directly result in how we relate to situations and circumstances in our life, not to mention affect our mood and our ability to shine in public situations!
The length of time of each of these events directly correlates with how long we can feel the energy. For example – the Lunar Eclipse, if it takes 3 minutes for the direct eclipse to happen (not the entire shadow) then it is said if you have direct aspects you may feel the effects from 3 months to 6 months. The moon moves fast so the energy happens faster. The same thought is used by many for Solar Eclipses, but instead of months it mostly last for years. Since it takes us a year to rotate around the Sun, that same 3 minute example would last for anywhere between 2 ½ -3 years depending on the aspect orb degree.
NOTE: This is a quick & concise Listings Only Report; there are no interpretations. This is considered a more advanced but useful report when you need to know the basics and very easy to look at. 
Since the Eclipse Aspect Points to Natal Report is quite thorough and based on your Natal Birth chart, you will only need to have this particular report pulled once as this is a Lifetime report.
Accurate and Exact Birth Information is necessary for this report.

Category:            Natal                             
Sub-category:    Planets/Eclipses

Number of People:       1    
Average # of Pages:       28-35  
Avail for Birth Time Known?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known :    $14.14

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?:    No  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown:      -

Sample PDF Report:          

                              About the Author(s):

Unknown (Cosmic Pattern Software Inc.)

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