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 The Cosmo Compatibility Report compares the Sun signs, compare the Moon signs, and major aspects between two (2) charts.  The interpretations are clear, brief, and have received excellent reviews over the years for quality. 

The Cosmo Compatibility Report is available in these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Norwegian.

Please Note: an accurate birth time is need for the interpretation of the rising sign and planets in houses, but an “Unknown Time or “no birth time” version is also available; it just leaves out those details and the report may be a shorter number of pages.


Category:            Synastry
Sub-Category:   Compatibility 
Number of People:     2   
Average # of Pages:     4-9    
Avail for Birth Time Known?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Known:     $10.10

Avail for Birth Time Unknown?:    Yes  
Price – Birth  Time Unknown:    $10.10

Sample PDF Report:

Sample PDF Chart:

Gina Ronco.gif
Gina Ronco_2.jpg

                              About the Author(s):

Gina Ronco began her study of astrology and metaphysics in the early 1970's, and has been a practicing astrologer since 1977.

She is also a flower essence practitioner and energy healer. Her present interests include investigating the connection between art and healing.

Originally a purist who was dubious about the value of computerized astrology (except for calculation), Gina is now enthusiastic about creating high-quality astrological reports. Born in Miami, Florida on December 18, 1955 at 10:32 PM, she has lived in Florida most of her life.

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