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Appointment Description:




Oracles/Tarot:  {Phone - 15 min}

Oracles/Tarot:  {Phone - 30 min}

Oracles/Tarot:  {Phone - 45 min}

Oracles/Tarot:  {Phone - 60 min}


Many Oracle Decks and Tarot Decks to pull from. We let the Universe guide which to use based on your current questions and energy. 


We offer Full Detailed Readings & Follow-up Quick Consults.


Tarot Cards - Intuitive Spiritual Readings  (Several decks available)


Oracle Cards - Have over 30 decks and usually Spirit will pick depending on your topics of concern.


Blended readings - give US* your questions or topics and the cards (from several decks) plus our UniverSoul Spirits give you the answers.


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